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  • Disabled, but Not Disempowered

    Refusing to sit by and watch quietly as politicians shred their social safety net, more than 500 people with disabilities descended on D.C. last week from across the country. "It's worth getting arrested, it's worth dying for, but they're gonna kill us first because of the cuts," one of them said.

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  • #Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines – Pre-May Day Edition

    This week in Occupy, several shareholder meetings were #occupied, Chicago fought to preserve mental health care, #occupied Wall Street is here to stay and we all prepared to call out sick on May Day. #Maybe you weren’t aware?

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  • Mic Check! Wells Fargo on the Hot Seat

    The latest Occupy insurgence -- disrupting shareholder meetings of major corporations, primarily banks -- happened in force on Tuesday in San Francisco, where union members, housing justice advocates and others hurt by foreclosures descended on the Wells Fargo annual summit.

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  • Iowans Sue Egregious Polluter

    For years, residents of the Mississippi River town of Muscatine put up with constant pollution and "dangerously high" levels of toxic compounds that damaged their property and affected their health. Now they are fighting back.

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  • Interview: Noam Chomsky on Occupy, the Arab Spring and America's Decline

    "Occupy came along at a time which was ripe, and the strategy was brilliant. If I had been asked, I wouldn’t have advised it. I never thought it was going to work. Fortunately, I was wrong."

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  • Don't Count Chicago Out

    Although the G8 was removed from Chicago, the NATO and International Security Assistance Force meetings are still scheduled for the third week in May, promising mass turnouts from Occupy Chicago and people across the nation despite new anti-protest rules and a quadrupling of jail fees, imposed by Mayor Emanuel to intimidate those assembling to oppose the meetings.

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  • Occupy Detroit Confronts Notorious Tax Dodger GE

    Occupy Detroit and union members teamed up on Wednesday to disrupt GE's annual shareholders meeting. Over the past decade, the corporate giant paid virtually nothing in federal income taxes, and a paltry 2.3% tax rate on its $83 billion in pretax U.S. profits.

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  • Dear Mr. Pandit: Let's Seize This Moment

    The following is a letter from The Alternative Banking Group of Occupy Wall Street to Virkam Pandit, CEO of Citigroup. It was emailed to Mr. Pandit on Wednesday.

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  • Protests Are Going Viral

    Last week saw demonstrations and resistance in many forms across the world, from students protesting tuition hikes to citizens demanding accountable government, a clean environment, workers' rights to organize and more.

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  • So, What's Next?

    The emergence of an international protest movement without a coherent program is not an accident: it reflects a deeper crisis, one without an obvious solution. So what is the movement's next step?

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